Carol Cannon, HHC, CNC

Owner at VibraMend LLC


“It was no accident that I found ONDAMED. My relentless pursuit for a return to good health led me directly to it!”


My entire life I was always very healthy, energetic, and extremely active. But, as I eased into my 40’s things started to change. Little by little over several years I began to feel less and less like myself. Chronic neck pain and stiffness, brain fog, fatigue, and random aches, kinks, and spasms all inched their way into my daily life. At first, and reluctantly, I assumed that this was just all part of the normal aging process. But there was always that little voice inside saying “something just isn’t right!”

As things progressively got worse and I found myself spending entire weekends on the couch, I decided it was time to get help from my doctors. Unfortunately, even the most well-intended MD’s had no answers for me (or they gave answers that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.)

Like so many others searching for answers to their health issues, I stumbled upon some information that led me to believe I had lyme disease. That’s when my life really changed. Blood tests confirmed lyme and several co-infections. I was not happy with the diagnosis but felt relieved to finally have an answer to all my questions.

I started with conventional treatment but after 3-1/2 months of antibiotics and my kidneys in distress, I decided to listen to my body and start looking for natural alternatives. Hours and hours and hours of research led me to a myriad of protocols, treatments, supplements, etc. But it was not until I found ONDAMED that I truly began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and believe that I would be well.

It was no accident that I found ONDAMED! My relentless pursuit for a return to good health led me directly to it. Today, with the help of ONDAMED, I am able to live the full, happy, vibrant life that I am meant to live!